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St. George's welcomes Tamera Willis!
Posted 10/17/2017 07:00PM

Welcome Tamera Willis!

St. George’s welcomes Tamera Willis, new seventh grade science teacher! Prior to joining us, Ms. Willis taught sixth grade science at Lester Prep in Memphis.

She obtained a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Georgia. Go Bulldogs!

One of the first things that drew Ms. Willis to St. George’s was the Portrait of a Graduate. “I think it is wonderful that the school, students, and parents all know what each student is growing towards,” she said.

In addition to the Portrait, Ms. Willis was very impressed with the advisory system of support for students to not only make sure their needs are being met, but also to identify opportunities to grow and learn in character and academics.

“I’ve always believed that people learn best through experience,” said Ms. Willis. “My goal is to provide my students with experiences that will allow them to be better scientists.”

She enjoys kickboxing classes and anything with chocolate. She may also break into dance moves without music and without warning. Her favorite place to travel is Georgia because that is where her family lives and where she attended college.

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